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BeanGenes and BeanRef

Segregation Data and Linkage Maps

(from UC Davis unless mentioned otherwise)
  1. BAT93 x Jalo EEP558 (BJ) Population
    1. F2 data:
      1. BAT93 x Jalo EEP558 F2 Segregation Data , Nodari et al. 1993a
      2. Map, based on populations BJ F2 and MG RIL8 (.gif file,  35K),  Gepts et al. 1993
    2. RIL data:
      1. BAT93 x Jalo EEP558 RIL8 Segregation Data, R. Freyre, A. Shirmohamadali, W.C. Johnson, and P. Gepts
      2. Coordination among RFLP maps of Davis, Florida, and Paris, Freyre et al. 1998
    D: markers and linkage groups from Davis ( Nodari et al. 1993a ; Gepts et al. 1993 ); Bng: markers from Florida (Vallejos et al. 1992); P: markers and linkage groups from Paris (Adam-Blondon et al. 1994); B: core map linkage groups resulting from Davis-Wisconsin (J. Nienhuis & P. Skroch) collaboration ( Freyre et al. 1998 ).

    Linkage group 1

    Linkage group 4

    Linkage group 7

    Linkage group 10

    Linkage group 2

    Linkage group 5

    Linkage group 8

    Linkage group 11

    Linkage group 3

    Linkage group 6

    Linkage group 9

    Linkage group 15

  2. A55 x G122 (AG) and California Dark Red Kidney x Yolano (CY) RI Populations
      1. List of markers:
        1. AG population
        2. CY population