PLB154: Introduction to Plant Breeding

Winter 2006

Lecture-by-lecture handouts and links to readings

Date Instructor Title Readings
Jan. 05 Gepts What is plant breeding?

Fehr, Chapter 1

Gepts P (2002) A comparison between crop domestication, classical plant breeding, and genetic engineering. Crop Sci 42:1780-1790

Gepts Intellectual property rights and ethical aspects of plant breeding

Fehr, Chapter 36, Appendices E and F

Gepts P (2004) Who owns biodiversity and how should the owners be compensated? Plant Physiology 134:1295-1307

For additional information:

Safrin S (2004) Hyperownership in a time of biotechnological promise: The international conflict to control the building blocks of life. American Journal of International Law 98:641-685

Jan. 10 Gepts Crop domestication, gene pools and germplasm resources (I)

Fehr, Chapters 10 & 11, Appendix A

For additional information:

Gepts P (2004) Crop domestication as a long-term selection experiment. Plant Breed Rev 24 (Part 2): 1-44.

FAO (1997) Report on the State of the World’s Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture prepared for the
International Technical Conference on Plant Genetic Resources
Leipzig, Germany 17–23 June 1996


E. C. M. Fernandes, A. Oktingati, and J. Maghembe The Chagga home gardens: A multi-storeyed agro-forestry cropping system on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Northern Tanzania


Jan. 12 Gepts Crop domestication, gene pools and germplasm resources (II)

Fehr, Chapters 12 & 14

For additional information

Kelly, J.D., J.M. Kolkman, and K. Schneider. 1998. Breeding for yield in dry bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). Euphytica 102:343-356.

Nagley Patents & PVPs; UC's IP policy for plant variety IPRs Fehr, Chapter 36, E, F
Jan. 17 Putnam Field experimental designs Fehr, Chapter 19
Jan. 19 Ball Varietal trials, as applied to cotton Fehr, Chapter 19
Jan. 26 Dvorak Cytogenetics Fehr, Chapter 5
Jan. 26 Gradziel Fruit tree breeding
Jan. 31, Febr. 02, 07 Teuber Variances, heritability, and progress from selection Fehr, Chapters 7 and 17
Febr. 09 Neale QTL and association mapping

Additional readings:

Neale Genomics

Doerge QTLs

Febr. 14-23 Bliss

Breeding in self-pollinated crops or line breeding:


For specific pages of the following readings: see slide 2 of presentation or Additional Information

Febr. 14: Fehr, Chapters 11, 29

Febr. 16: Fehr, Chapters 12, 17

Febr. 21: Fehr, Chapters 23, 24, 25, and 28

Febr. 23: Fehr, Chapter, 31

Supplemental reading

Allard, R.W. 1999. Principles of Plant Breeding. John Wiley and Sons, Inc. Chapter 13, pp 175 – 197.

Febr. 16 Chetelat The Tomato Genetic Resources Center
Febr. 23 McKenzie

Rice breeding at the Californiar Rice Research Station

Febr. 28 Temple

Grain legume breeding

March 2-9 Teuber

Breeding and selection in cross-pollinated crops

Fehr, Chapters 24, 29, 33, 34, 35
March 9 Temple

Breeding in international centers

March 14 Dubcovsky Marker-assisted selection