Graduate Group in Ecology

Agroecology Area of Emphasis

Fall 2005

Weekly meetings in 2005 PES from 12:30 pm to 2pm

Date Student Faculty Topic Paper (need Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Oct. 4 Organizational meeting      
Oct. 11 Kraig Kraft E. Laca Partitioning of genetic diversity among populations

Main reading: Cattan-Toupance I, Michalakis Y and Neema C (1998) Genetic structure of wild bean populations in their South-Andean centre of origin. Theor Appl Genet 96:844-851

Additional information:

Smouse PE and Peakall R (1999) Spatial autocorrelation analysis of individual multiallele and multilocus genetic structure. Heredity 82:561-573

Manel S, Schwartz MK, Luikart G and Taberlet P (2003) Landscape genetics: combining lansdcape ecology and population genetics. Trend Ecol Evol 18:189-197

Oct. 18 No meeting      
Oct. 25 No meeting      
Nov. 1 Dana Rowan Steve Brush Cultural diversity and biodiversity Adams WM and Mortimore MJ (1997), Agricultural Intensification and Flexibility in the Nigerian Sahel. The Geographical Journal, 163(2):150-160
Nov. 8 Todd Rosenstock Richard Plant GIS - spatial analysis applications in
agroecosystems and possibly their link with dynamic models

Nov. 15

Kimberly Steinmann Jay Rosenheim Biological control Impact of flowering buckwheat on Lepidopteran cabbage pests and their parasitoids at two spatial scales
Biological Control, Volume 34, Issue 3, September 2005, Pages 290-301
Jana C. Lee and George E. Heimpel
Xuyang Zhang Emilio Laca

Spatial scale of observations: representative elementart area


Note: Woods et al.: 21 MB!!

Dalgaard, T., N. J. Hutchings, et al. (2003). "Agroecology, scaling and interdisciplinarity." Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment 100(1): 39-51.

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Nov. 22 Matthew Hufford Louise Jackson Biodiversity Tewksbury JJ, Nabhan GP, Norman D, Suzan H, Tuxill J and Donovan J (1999) In situ conservation of wild chiles and their biotic associates. Conserv Biol 13:98-107
Kaden Koffler Eliska Rejmankova Environmental consequences of large scale movements of agriculturally derived nitrate through waterways, and the potential of flooded systems such as wetlands to intercept nitrate and purify water passing through them Mitsch WJ, Day JW, Zhang L, Lane RR (2005) Nitrate-nitrogen retention in wetlands in the Mississippi river basin. Ecological Engineering 24:267-278
Nov. 29 Sean Smuckler Johan Six  

Robertson GP, Swinton SM. Reconciling agricultural productivity and
environmental integrity: a grand challenge
for agriculture. Front Ecol Environ
2005; 3(1): 38–46

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Dec. 6 Rachel Grande Dan Potter Participatory domestication Leakey RRB, Schreckenberg K, Tchoundjeu Z (2003) The participatory domestication of West African indigenous fruits. International Forestry Review 5:338-347
Steve Fonte Kate Scow Biodiversity and agricultural landscapes Swift MJ, Izac AMN, van Noordwijk M (2004) Biodiversity and ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes - are we asking the right questions? Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment 104:113-134