Lectures, Essays, letters, and rants by R. Ford Denison on various topics

There shouldn't be any stigma attached to a flower not producing seeds.

The starfish story, revisited

Legume sanctions and the evolutionary persistence of cooperation by rhizobia (Montpellier, May 2003)
"Darwinian Agriculture" (Ecological Society of America, August 2002)
"Legumes and rhizobia: staying together for the sake of the children" (Agronomy Seminar, January 2002)
"Evolution of rhizobia towards mutualism or parasitism?" (Rhizosphere mtg., 2 June 2001)
"Domestication of rhizobia by legumes" (Bodega Marine Lab, 19 Sept. 2000)
"Oxygen physiology of nitrogen-fixing legume root nodules" (Root Biology meeting, 30 May 1998)

Technical solutions to problems with no political solution
Hemp: hype or hope?

Why I don't carry a laptop to meetings anymore.

Grain exports as a C sink (unpublished letter to Science)

Letter to Organic Farming Research Foundation in response to a misleading report
Letter to Pope

"The English steel we could disdain... but English gold has been our bane." -- Parcel of Rogues