Defense Against Dark Information:

Microbes, Microcode, and Memes

Wednesdays 5:15-6:30 in Plant Environmental Sciences (PES) room 2005

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Seminars and Events in Biology
Other seminars (Dateline)

Lecture #1 notes

Optional Cryptography/Steganography exercise
PCR demo

Reading assignment  due Oct. 8
Reading assignment due Oct. 15
Reading assignment due Oct. 22
Reading assignment due Nov.5 + library assignment

Call numbers for assigned reading

Here are the titles and call numbers (in parentheses) that won't show on the web:

Some useful links (isn't that how you found this page in the first place?)
Web of Science (my favorite tool for finding scientific papers -- citations are the scientific version of hyperlinks)
CIA World Factbook

CDC Smallpox Page (one of many useful pages hosted by Centers for Disease Control)
Infectious Diseases Society Bioterrorism Page

Echelon (government may intercept 90% of Internet communications)
Securing Email (one of many examples of useful pages hosted by
MIT's download site for Pretty Good Privacy software
Electronic Frontier Foundation criticism of USA PATRIOT Act
US Department of Justice defense of USA PATRIOT Act
Rebuttal to DOJ defense of PATRIOT Act

InBoxer Rebellion (what's behind that rumor or "petition" you just received by email?)