Defense Against Dark Information -- Assignment for Oct. 22

Reading assignment (unconventional bioterrorism)

Read the following, available in the Reserves section of Shields Library or in my office (Plant Environmental Sciences 1312), by next week. Estimated reading time (in a quiet place without interruptions): 25 minutes, but allow at least an hour so you have time to think about what you read and to answer the questions below.

Reading questions -- written answers due at beginning of class:

1) What kind of replicator were the characters in "Tide Turners" planning to use for their scheme?

2) The immunocontraception scheme discussed in the Trends in Ecology and Evolution (TREE) paper was tried because their first attempt worked on some mouse genotypes but not others. What happened with their "improved" method?

3) What agency organized the science panel that is recommending restrictions on research that might be useful to terrorists?

4) What effects did the parasite, Toxoplasma gondii (which also infects humans) have on rats?

5) The US and the UN have considered the deliberate release of pathogens. To do what?

Questions to think about (to be discussed in class)