The photos used in these quizzes came from members of Flickr, a photo-sharing website, and are used with permission. We are grateful to these photographers for allowing us to display their work, and we ask that you do not download or redisplay any of the pictures without prior approval from the copyright holders. For usage information or any other questions about a particular photo from this quiz, please contact the credited photographer directly.

Autan lives in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan and travels all over Asia. You can spend hours going through his Flickr photostream and come out feeling like you've just been to some of the most beautiful and distant places on earth.
CA Floristics is the UC Davis graduate student who dreamed up this silly project. His Flickr photostream is full of weeds and is, by far, the most boring of all the ones on this page.
Dale Hameister is a biologist and professional photographer, currently living in Redlands, CA. His Flickr photostream gives an idyllic picture of California coastal life.
Eric Hunt is an IT engineer who takes photographs at many botanical gardens. You'll find incredible close-ups of orchids and other flowers in his Flickr photostream, along with a good collection of urban street art and graffiti.
Mingiweng is a botanist in Taiwan. His Flickr photostream has more than 29,000 pictures of life on that island, including some great photos of flowers and fruits. He also has some neat photos of Taiwanese frogs and butterflies.
Ophis is a naturalist who lives in Milton, Massachusetts. His Flickr photostream covers a broad diversity of the life in that area. (Don't miss his shots of timber rattlesnakes.)
Scott Zona is botanist in Florida who has actually taken some of the photographs used in the textbook for this class. His Flickr photostream features orchids and other tropical plants grown in greenhouses.
Tim Waters is an amateur botanist with a keen interest in floral morphology and island floras. His Flickr photostream features bizarre and exotic plants from around the world with very precise classification info.