Course Goals:

This class introduces students to characteristics of the more common environmental plants of California. Students learn classification, nomenclature, and variation of plants. Floral and vegetative characteristics and terminology are used to key unknown plants, and characteristics of plant groups, and the development and maintenance of cultivars are learned. The course is organized around the identification of 135 common landscape plants.

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"Introduction to Environmental Plants" is an undergraduate course taught in the fall at U.C.Davis. For information about schedules, assignments, required texts, and grading, please check the on-line syllabus.

To help student learn the 135 plants covered in this course, we've put together a collection of photos showing some of the most important identification characteristics. Use this section of the site to reinforce what you see on the plant tours.


This site offers three interactive quizzes covering most of the plant species from this course! Each quiz will show you a photo of a plant and ask you to type in either the common name, the scientific name, or the plant family. You can choose the length of your quiz and choose which weeks you want to cover. Check it out and let us know what you think!


For students who want additional information about the plants they see in class, we've included links to some of the best and most reliable sources of plant information on the web.