Urban Forestry

Fall, 2012

Jim Harding, Jennifer Tso



Lecture 2 hours, Lab 3 hours, 4 units, Term Paper, Fall Quarter.

Principles and practices of planning and managing urban vegetation. Basics of tree appraisal, natural resource inventory, and development of long term urban forest management plans.

In addition to lectures and labs, students will research a study site in Davis, write a research paper and make a presentation to the class at the end of the Quarter.

I have been developing a Spreadsheet, Celebrity Tree List , which includes my favorite specimens for all tree species in Davis, on Campus and in the Arboretum. I have tried to include street addresses for the City, proximity to buildings on Campus, or Map Coordinates in the Arboretum. The list is incomplete and you may argue for a better specimen; I hope the list will help anyone find trees they are looking for. To nominate a specimen for the list, please send me an email at jaharding@ucdavis.edu



The US Forest Service, Center for Urban Forest Research publishes a quarterly News Briefs with current research articles of interest to anyone in Urban Forestry. The link to the carbon model developed by Elena Aguaron is found at Tree Carbon Calculator



The Arboretum Home Page will lead you to maps or a data base to identify plants of interest by clicking on plant collections. On that page you can choose to search the data base, or go to a collection, if you know where you are.





Lecture 1...Evolution of Cities, The Urban Forest...Slides ... Miller, Ch. 1,3

Lecture 2...Uses of Urban Vegetation ...Slides ...Miller, Ch. 4

Lecture 3...Key Management Concepts...Slides , Greg McPherson

Lecture 4...The Davis Urban Forest Study...Slides ..Handout

Lecture 5...Values Urban Vegetation...Slides ...Miller, Ch. 5

Lecture 6...Street Tree Inventories...Slides ...Miller, Ch. 6

SACRAMENTO FIELD TRIP.....Sacramento Urban Forest.....Pictures

Mid Term 1, 2009, Mid Term 1, 2010, Mid Term 1, 2011

DAVIS FIELD TRIP.....Handout ....2010 Pictures; 2011 Pictures

Lecture 7...Composition of the World's Urban Forests..Slides, Joe McBride

Lecture 8...Street Trees: Planning...Slides ...Miller, Ch.10

Lecture 9 ...Tree Growth and Management Issues..Slides , Paula Peper

Lecture 10 ...Street Trees:Planting ... Slides ... Miller, Ch. 11, 12

Lecture 11 ... Social Needs and Values ...(no slides) ... Miller, Ch. 2

Lecture 12 ... Psychology, Marketing, Horticultural Therapy... Slides

Lecture 13 ... UC Davis Urban Forest History, Inventory and Management ... Slides

...Skip Mezger

Lecture 14 ..Arboretum, ..Ellen Zagory .. Slides Arboretum ...Tree Selection .

Mid Term 2 ... Study Questions

Want to see the Tree Grade Averages given by students in ENH 101 in 2009? This shows which trees seen in the labs were given the higher grades.

If you would like to see images of many species, I am building a collection named Jim's Plants in Flickr.com Some are trees and some are not, but they may be helpful in tree identification. Jim's Plants starts with a Gymnosperm Collection which is fairly complete, has some in a Dicot Collection, and that is where I am now. Click on Collections and then Sets; Genera are listed as Sets within each Collection. To get there go to: Jim's Plants Former students, such as Daniel Shimmon, are contributing images of their favorite photos.

The City of Davis has established a list of Landmark Trees. It includes City Street Trees and some trees in private residences. It gives street addresses that will help you find a specimen to evaluate or take a photo. Go to: Davis Landmark Trees This site also has a link to the City of Davis Master Tree List that decribes characteristics of common trees in Davis.

The Urban Forest Ecosystem Institute at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, has developed a comprehensive Web Page for all aspects Urban Forestry. It includes Selectree which has lots of images.

California native species can be checked out at CalFlora some of which are trees, and have very helpful photos, such as acorns for the difficult oak species.

For pest problems of trees and shrubs in the California Lanscape see Tree Pests developed by the UC IPM Program.

For help in determining correct nomenclature see: USDA Plant Database, some images are included.

October, 2007, Whittier, California