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Mitcham Lab MembersOffice Locations:
1047 Wickson Hall: Dr. Elizabeth Mitcham
Phone: (530) 752-7512

Marisa Jung │Phone: (530) 752-7512

1078 Wickson Hall: Postharvest Pilot Plant
Phone: (530) 752-1826

1107 Wickson Hall: Mitcham Chemical Lab
Phone: N/A

1108 Wickson Hall: Mitcham Entomology Lab
Phone: (530) 752-0908

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Mailing Address:
[Insert Lab Associate]
Dept. of Plant Sciences, Mail Stop 2
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA  95616

Mitcham Lab Associates, June 2014

Beth Mitcham
Extension Specialist
Marisa Jung
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Mitcham
Addie Abrams
Graduate Student
Bill Biasi
Staff Research Associate
Veronique Bikoba
Staff Research Associate
Ashley Call
Junior Specialist
Sandra Escribano Larson
Postdoctoral Scholar
Ngoc Nham
Graduate Student
Ephrem Rukundo
Graduate Student